In July of 1892, Cumming Methodist Episcopal Church incorporated, purchased this piece of land and began building the facility that stands today. With a commitment to God, the Scriptures and preaching salvation through Christ alone, the people began serving the community of Cumming. For the next 33 years, the people gathered in this Methodist church to hear from God.

In 1925, the Methodist Conference stopped providing pastors to the church, but the people continued to meet and hired their own pastors. For the next 15 years, the people continued to hold services and in December of 1940, the Methodist Conference sold the building to the people of Cumming Methodist Episcopal Church and in doing so, created an independent local church.

Early the next year, in 1941, the local body incorporated as Cumming Community Church. In 1995, the church joined the Central District of the Evangelical Free Church of America. Recently, the church decided to return to our historic roots and resume using our legacy name of Cumming Community Church. Throughout our over 125 year history, God has remained faithful to His people as they seek to do His will.