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Set Free in the Spirit of Life

Last week, we came to see that because there is no condemnation, we are free. But, what is the source of this freedom? In other words, what allows us to be free and to live free? The answer is the saving power of Christ and the life-giving power of the Spirit. We'll see you Sunday at 10 am as we continue to study the greatest chapter in the Bible and this incredible truth that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus!

No Condemnation

This week, our study in Romans takes us to what many consider to be the greatest chapter in all of the Bible. Romans 8 is the climax of the first seven chapters of Romans and reminds us of our present condition, our promised future, which both lead to our persistent hope. Over the next 12 weeks, we will take our time and explore the riches and depth of this incredible letter all for God's glory. I can't wait to dive into this with all of you.

The Deliverer Has Come

Last Sunday, we saw how even the Apostle Paul struggled with sin in his life. We concluded that the way to defeat sin in our life is the same way we come to Christ to begin with - we come to Jesus in repentance and faith. Now, Paul wraps up this section by showing us the right response to Christ's saving grace. We'll see you Sunday at 10 am as we consider our response to the fact that "The Deliverer Has Come".

Dealing With Indwelling Sin

Last week, we learned that if you use the law rightly, it will lead you to Jesus. But what about those of us who already know and trust Christ? How do we deal with those persistent areas of sin in our lives that drag us down and discourage our walk with Jesus? Paul continues to explore this idea in our text this week as we continue our study of Romans.

The Holy Purpose of the Law

This week, we return to our study of Romans. Throughout this letter, the apostle Paul has built a case to the Jewish Christians that their obedience to the law will not save them nor grant them favor in God's sight. Because of this, they needed to trust in Christ's obedience for salvation rather than the law. But the law had a purpose in the plan of salvation and that's what we'll visit this week as we explore Romans 7:7-12. I'm excited to return to Romans - we'll see you Sunday at 10 am!

No More Fear

This week, we wrap up our time looking at the resurrection by returning to a well known text. Matthew 28 describes the wonderful news that Jesus is not dead, he is not in the tomb, but he is alive. We see the women who have come to finish preparing a body for burial surprised and elated that the tomb is empty. And in this, they are told not to be afraid, but to go and tell the disciples to meet Jesus in Galilee. Likewise, the fact that Jesus died and rose again means that we can now obey Jesus without fear as well.

Fixing What Is Broken

As we continue our look at the power of the resurrection in our lives on this Mother's Day, it's appropriate that we see the power of Jesus in the life of a mother. The reality is that sin breaks everything but the hope of the resurrection is that Jesus is fixing what is broken and making all things new. That's every mom's (and everyone's) hope. Hope to see you (and your mom or son or daughter or someone!) this Sunday as we see how Jesus is fixing what is broken.

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